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"Helping you make
 your dogs little angels"
  Heavenly Dog Obedience exists because of the years of hard work and dedication from Toni Kincaid-Ruddach.  Toni has been teaching classes since September of 1996, private lessons since 1989, and training dogs since 1982.  Toni has had a passion for animals and especially dogs her entire life.  Her first pet as a pre-schooler was a Pomeranian mix called "Brownie". He was her best friend.  Later, on her 11th birthday she received her first "big" dog from her Aunt Sherry.  The "big" dog was a 4 yr. old Collie named "Buddy", who needed a new home.  It was love at first sight!  Within weeks she joined 4-H and began training Buddy.  Over the next 8 years Toni and Buddy attended many county and state fairs.  They also joined American Kennel Club Competitions.  In high school Toni volunteered at the local animal shelter and also worked at Thunder Mountain Dog Supplies.  By the time Toni graduated from high school, Buddy was all ready a "senior citizen".  One of Toni's graduation gifts was an 8 week old male collie. (Within time Syrus would become her partner in teaching dog obedience classes.)  Later in college Toni managed the grooming and kennel operations at Kingswood Kennels.  After college Toni spent six years working at local veterinarian clinics.  In 1996 Toni went to Federal Way, Washington to test and interview to become a trainer for Animal Behavior and Training Associates.  Through ABTA Toni, taught classes at all three Petco's in Spokane.  From 1996 until 1998 Toni spent her time working between a veterinarian office and teaching dog obedience classes.  Finally in 1998 Toni made the decision to dedicate all her time and energies to teaching dog obedience classes and private lessons.  Toni left ABTA to expand her training opportunities in 2000. 

Shortly after Syrus's retirement in the winter of 2000, Toni acquired a new canine partner a 10 week old Golden Retriever, named Trinity.  Trinity started working in the classes immediately.  In April 2004 Lacey, a long coat Chihuahua was born.  Lacey is Toni's first Champion of the bred by exhibitor class.  Then in April 2008, Toni acquired another Golden Retriever puppy named, Grace.  April 2018, Toni acquired her third Golden Retriever puppy named, Gabriel.  November 2018, Toni adopted a 14 week Chihuahua smooth coat boy from Julias Jungle named, Halo.   They love their job and look forward to each and every class!
Currently classes are taught by Toni and Grace. 
Together they make a wonderful team to help you make your dogs little angels!
"Helping you make your Dogs Little Angels"