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Classes held at 7608 E Indiana Ave,
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Why Dog Training Classes?
Classes are important for so many reasons.
Socializing your dog with other people and dogs is important to the training of a well behaved dog.

My dog is around other dogs at home, are group classes really necessary?
Yes, at home dogs work out the natural pecking order and often live very well together.  However, if your dog is not socialized with other people and dogs in different surroundings he/she may become over protective or fearful.

How soon can my puppy start classes?
Puppies can start online classes soon as they come to live with you!  Once your puppy has had the proper
immunizations to attend group classes, please verify with your veterinarian, as each vet has a different protocol for puppy vaccines.
We require the puppy to be over the age of twelve weeks with at least two sets of vaccinations.  Typically this is a eight week vaccination and a twelve week vaccination.  Puppies MUST be over twelve weeks!  Vaccinations must be done by a vet!  (Vaccinations done by the breeder to start is fine if your vet counted them in their protocol)

What vaccinations does my puppy need to have before starting classes?
Distemper,parvo series and kennel cough vaccination, and for puppies over six months, the rabies vaccination is also required with proof from a vet.  Please verify with your veterinarian, as each vet has a different protocol for puppy vaccines. Puppies MUST be over twelve weeks with at least two sets of distemper parvo vaccinations and been seen by a vet.  Vaccinations from your vet must be sent and verirfied before attending classes.

How do I send proof of vaccinations?
You can take a picture of vet papers or receipt from vet with your phone and e-mail, tk@heavenlydogs.com or text 509-220-2427

Are the classes listed on the class start date page available?
Yes, all classes listed on our class start date page are available, unless the class is FULL.  If the class you want is full please e-mail to be put on the waiting list.  Sometimes cancellations will occur opening up spots.    

I missed the first class, can I still register for this set of classes?
Yes, if the class is not full you can sign up late and start the second week.  Please check the class start date page.  I will put FULL before or after the class.  To sign up for class go to registration page and fill out the registration form.

Can I make up missed classes?
The online training videos will be available for make ups.

How long are classes?
Classes are approximately 45 minutes a week for five weeks, unless otherwise specified.

What is the cost for classes?
Group classes are $70.00 for the set of classes.  Online classes are $50. for the set.

Can my family come too?
 I recommend that the whole family be involved. However, small children often are not able to enjoy a class room environment and may become bored and agitated.  I ask kids be over the age of six years to attend classes.  Young children can participate with you at home during the online training videos and home work.

What do I need to bring to classes?
Please bring all proof of vaccinations, a six foot leash, training treats and a quite chew toy.  Stuffed Kong toys are great to keep pups quite while we're talking.  We have dog treats and Kong available for sale.  If you or you pup will need water please bring water and non-spill water bowl. 

Where are classes located?
Classes are held at 7608 E Indiana Ave.  The first adventure dog class is also held here, you will be given a schedule of locations to follow.

Who do you recommend for a dog day care or kennel?
There are many great dog day cares and kennels.  I recommend going and interviewing each one.  For me I'd pick one that has a web cam so I could watch my puppy play!  Or a kennel in a veterinarians office.  I do not have any personal experience.  Your vet office may be the best resource. 

What has changed with COVID-19 or Canine Mystery illness
We are closely following all the CDC, Veterinarian and Government guidelines and restrictions.  We sanitizing following CDC, Veterinarian guidelines.  Please do not attend if you or you dog are sick.  If your dog has runny eyes or nose, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, lathery or in anyway not feeling well Please keep them home and let me know.  You can follow along with training videos.  Class size is limited to current restrictions therefore you must pay $50 to secure your spot in classes for puppy or basic classes.  A additional $20 will be due the first day of class.  Puppy k and Basic classes, soon as you pay you will start receiving weekly training videos that will prepare you for classes.  If for any reason classes are interrupted we will continue online classes until we can meet in person again.  No refunds.  Please bring your own water bowl, water, poop bags and anything else you or your puppy needs during classes. Please send proof of puppy vaccinations before group classes start.     
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