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Classes held at, 7608 E Indiana Ave
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"Helping you make
 your dogs little angels"
"Helping you make your Dogs Little Angels"
Why Dog Training Classes?
Classes are important for so many reasons. 
Socializing your dog with other people and dogs is important to the training of a well behaved dog.

How soon can my puppy start classes?
Once your puppy has had the proper
immunizations to attend classes, please verify with your veterinarian, as each vet has a different protocol for puppy vaccines. 
We require the puppy to be over the age of twelve weeks with at least two sets of vaccinations.  Typically this is a 8 week vaccination and a twelve week vacination.

What vaccinations does my puppy need to have before starting classes?
We require the distemper,parvo series and highly recommend the kennel cough vaccination, and for puppies over six months, the rabies vaccination is also required.  However, please verify with your veterinarian, as each vet has a different protocol for puppy vaccines.

My dog is around other dogs at home, are group classes really necessary?
Yes, at home dogs work out the natural pecking order and often live very well together.  However, if your dog is not socialized with other people and dogs in different surroundings he/she may become over protective or fearful. 

Are the classes listed on the class start date page available?
Yes, all classes listed on our class start date page are available. 

I missed the first class, can I still register for this set of classes?
Yes, you can sign up late and start the second week.  To sign up for class go to registration page and fill out the registration form. 

Can I make up missed classes?
Yes, you are welcome to make up missed classes any time.  Please let me know and we can
schedule a make-up time.

How long are classes?
Classes are one hour a week, unless otherwise specified.

What is the cost for classes?
Classes are $60.00 for the set of classes payable the first class by cash or check. 

Can my family come too?
Yes, I recommend that the whole family be
involved. However, small children often are not able to enjoy a full hour of a class room environment and may become bored and agitated. 

What do I need to bring to classes?
Please bring all proof of vaccinations, a six foot leash, and a quite chew toy.  You may also bring dog treats we also have some available. To the first class please bring payment in cash or check. 

Where are classes located?
Classes are held at 7608 E Indiana Ave.  The first adventure dog class is also held here, you will be given a schedule of locations to follow.

Who do you recommend for a dog day care?
There are many great dog day cares.  I recommend going and interviewing each one.  For me I'd pick one that has a web cam so I could watch my puppy play!