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Healthy Dogs
Healthy dogs are happy dogs!  Along with fresh air, warm sunshine, lots of exercise, and a warm cozy bed to sleep in dogs need fresh clean water and a healthy diet that includes a good vitamin supplement.

NuVet Labs'™ main purpose is to help increase your pet's longevity and quality of life.
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Essential Oils by Young Living
Essential oils have many benefits for animals as well as people.  Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils are so pure that many of the oils may be used as dietary supplements.  Seed to seal guarantee!

How we use Young Living essential oils on our dogs:
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Peace and Calm, works great with the relax technique!  Apply a couple drops to your hands before a belly rub!  Helps during a thunderstorm!

Purification, works great to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects!  Just add a couple drops to collar and add 8-10 drops to a spray bottle of a cup of water and mist all over do not get in eyes! Also use to freshen odors on the pet and bedding.

Thieves Cleaner I use thieves cleaner for everything!  From cleaning up after accidents in our training facility to a all around household cleaner!  Pets are very sensitive to chemicals.  I feel so safe using thieves cleaner, not only do I use it to clean everything  in my home,  I use it as hand soap and wound cleaner!                                                                       For wood floors, mirrors and glass I use vinegar and water.

DiGize I use digize essential oil any time my dogs have an upset tummy.  I just rub one drop on their stomach.
Young Living Essential oils amazing
Animal Scent line
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Little Izzy checking out Young Livings Ning Xia Red.  I drink it dailly for health benefits!  Healthy drink for people only.  www.ningxiared.com
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